Composition Camera

Train your eye and shoot well composed photographs.


Shoot&Learn Composition Camera app is a learning tool for good photographic composition. Five most important and time tested compositional rules are incorporated to help you train your eye for great looking photographs. You can read about them and see examples in the lessons section, then apply those rules when taking a picture using the compositional grids.

Have you ever wondered what makes a great photograph? Why does a scene look better in one picture than the next? The main ingredient is the "photographic composition".





A photographer is responsible for everything that is included in the frame and decides what to include, what to leave out and how each element is placed within that frame. Think of your camera's frame as a painter's canvas. We have a limited space to arrange the objects that we capture. By following compositional rules we make the best use of that space. By placing important picture elements in certain areas within the frame we can determine how the viewer's eye travels, where it stops and what it sees in the photograph. The composition makes the picture.


Shoot&Learn is created by a professional photographer and designer team with many years of experience.